The Bandits- Arodene Street Party - 10th June 2018:

The Bandits recently played a gig at Arodene Road Street Party – 10th June 2018.They received an invite to pay at this street party after an organiser had heard them play a local event.

This is the 3rd incarnation of the Arodene Road Streetparty, a The Bamdits Aerodene 2018community event of food, music and activities for children.

The Bandits made their debut at the street party to rave reviews. ‘Fantastic!’ said the event organiser.  London Fire Brigade attended with an introduction to their services; and former parish priest -  Fr. Adrian, of nearby Corpus Christi parish made a guest visit.

Band members playing on this occasion were, Ben, Michael, Jeff, Bryan and Gail (lead vocals).

Band practice is usually late Saturday afternoon (in advance of any performances). Proficiency, commitment and enthusiasm is all we require. 


The Bandits Facebook page - videos and samples of performances click here

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