Local Sponsors for our Social Events: Douglas and Gordon Brokers:

Local Sponsors: Douglas and Gordon Brokers (Streatham Agents) have kindly agreed to be our sponsors at two of our church social events, the Summer BBQ and our Annual Christmas Bazaar. They will attend both our BBQ and Christmas Bazaar events, hosting either a stall or gazebo to raise further monies, all proceeds raised will go back to our church.

Douglas and Gordon Brokers will also supply boards for these two events, (details appear in our newsletters as dated, see, April 28th, May 5th 2019). This is an additional cost that Douglas and Gordon Brokers will generously cover.

Who are Douglas and Gordon Brokers?

Douglas & Gordon are one of the largest, most innovative and respected independent estate agents in London.

Douglas & Gordon serve the city across central, west and south-west London. From Notting Hill to Balham, and East Putney to Pimlico, their expertise extends to many of Central London’s most sought-after neighbourhoods.

Their services include Sales and Lettings, as well as Property Management, Corporate Services, Residential Developments, Professional Valuations, Refurbishment and Interior Services, Block Management and their new HomeHelper service for home owners.

 See below the personal biographies Currently our local four friendly Douglas & Gordon Property Brokers operating within the Streatham area.

 Morgan Marler at Douglas & Gordon Brokers

Morgan Marler Douglas & Gordon Brokers

Chiara Tassia at Douglas & Gordon Brokers  

Douglas & Gordon Brokers  Chiara Tassia



Tom Gowers at Douglas & Gordon Brokers
Tom Gowers at Douglas & Gordon Brokers

 Ani Alia at Douglas & Gordon BrokersAni Alia at Douglas & Gordon Brokers

If you have any property related queries or would like more information on any of the services offered please give them a call on 020 3848 1600.

Permission and authority was given and provided by Douglas & Gordon Brokers (Streatham Branch) to provide and publish the information above.

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