2. Replacing the flooring in the nave and entrance:

Parish Refurbishment, renovation & restoration programme of Works - June 2018:

Replacing the flooring in the nave and entrance (foyer): The existing linoleum flooring is starting to break up and needs replacing, not least because the tiles contain very low levels of asbestos. We will employ a specialist contractor to remove and safely dispose of the old flooring. We considered reinstalling a wood, tiling or stone floor. However, all had practical problems in installation, primarily raising the floor at the doorways which have minimum height clearance.

Through Ray Poulter, a parishioner who is an architect, we have been offered trade price for Amtico flooring. The team have looked at many samples and chosen a selection for the parishioners to see. These are natural stone types that we think will complement the existing brick work, carpets and oak chairs.

On July Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th 2018 the following presentation was offered to the parishioners. The display was well received, some parishioners remained behind after Mass was celebrated for over thirty minutes, viewing the proposed samples of floor tiles on display and sample a selection of upholstery materials and colours as initially selected by the project team.

Refurbishment, renovation  & restoration: Presentation and next stages.

A key part of the next stage is asking you, the parishioners, for your comments and inputs on the options we are considering, for the works that are going to impact and change the appearance of the church to the greatest degree:

1. Improving and updating the lighting in the church - see box below please.

2. Replacing the flooring in the nave and entrance - see box below please.

3. Re-upholstering the chairs in the church - see box below please.

Parishioners were kept involved and informed, this presentation (see below) proved a success. Many parishioners stayed after mass  to view the floor and upholstery samples on display.

 Reflooring the nave, the hallway and chair upholstery - DISPLAY 7th AND 8th JULY, 2018.

If you can spare few minutes, please stay behind after the masses on Saturday 7th July (evening) and Sunday (morning) 8th July, 2018 (before the BBQ). There will be a lighting display and samples of the flooring and chair materials we are considering for parishioners to view. There will be a series of illustrative photographs showing the different flooring and seating combinations. This demonstration was prepared by a parishioner, (an architecture student) to help the team and the parish see what the church could look like when the work is complete. If you have any queries or want more explanation, please ask any of the team members* some of whom will be on hand to answer your question and listen to your comments.

If you have an alternative view or opinion, please see Fr. Habte at any time in the coming week. Thank you.

Removing church furniture before old vinyl tiles are removed

The floor in the main body of the church has been cleared of any furniture (from week commencing July 30th 2018), in preparation for removal of the old worn black and white vinyl tiles and replacement of the same with the new Amtico floor tiles. A specialist company was employed for this work, as there was a possibility of the old tiles containing a low level of asbestos.

Church cleared of furniture prior to fllor tiles being replaced.

Old floor tiles Fr. habte tidies High altar empty church

Old floor tiles empty church 01 Aug 2018 before tiles removed and replaced

1 Aug 2018 church empty old tioles prior to these being removed and replaced.

Covering exposed surfaces to protect them for any dust

In addition to clearing the floor space exposed surfaces were covered to protect them from any dust once the tiles were removed.

dust covers before tiles removedDust covers

Dust covers on doors

dust covers on stained glass doors

dust covers on sanctury

 Care was taken by the company removing the old tiles to ensure surfaces were protected by dust covers.

dust covers on stained glass windows

The first week in August 2018, the church was cleared of all furniture and the chairs, in preparation for removal of the old vinyl floor tiles, and to better enable the side walls of the church to be cleaned sanded down and repainted.

Panoram view old floor tiles removed

Tile removed from floor Aug 2018Floor tiles removed chancel Aug 2018

Old floor tiles removed view from side altar Aug 2018

Once the painting and the various technical checks are completed the new floor will be laid. Work has continued apace the week commencing 6th August, 2018 the church floor was prepared with Screed laid to level floora liquid self levelling cement or screed to seal and level the old floor. This stage required a number for days for the screed to dry and harden. A member of the project team can be seen checking this stage of the work.

Screed laid drying project team checks

Before the screed was laid, exposed, extrouding and externally visible electrical power cables located at the rear of the church were chased into the floor and walls for a neater and safer option.

exposed cablesexposed cables

Exoposed power cableThe exposed power cable was not just unsightly but posed a slight risk in that it was exposed and more easily potentially damaged.

ex[posed cables chased ionto floorExposed cables chased into floor

Once the screed was set and dry, the new floor (Amtico) floor tiles were laid into place this work commenced the week starting 13th August, 2018.

New Floor tilesNew floor tiles laid

Floor tiles being laid work to doNew floor tiles being laid

 New floor tiles with borderA border of darker floor tiles enhances the overall look.

new floor tiles and darker border

New floor tiles with border and plaque

Once the chairs are returned back to the church and are  reupholstered and refurbished, the renovated look will hopefully better help our worship and enhance our services and celebration of Mass.

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