Parish Refurbishment, renovation & restoration programme of Works - June 2018:

Overview and introducing the Project Team. Here at St. Simon and St. Jude R.C. the parish is proud of its history and our priests, both past and present. All parish priests, during their tenure at St. Simon and St. Jude R.C. have, with the help, support and assistance of the parishioners, contributed to the maintenance, upkeep and refurbishment of the church buildings and its infrastructure.  Front of ChurchCurrently the parish has agreed  and is embarking on a refurbishment, renovation and restoration programme and works, focussing on undertaking a deep cleaning of all the interior aspects and fabric of the church and additionally renovation and redecorating the church's interior space.

As mentioned in our newsletter and reported on this dedicated webpage, our church refurbishment programme is progressing very well. The programme is being supported and led by the parish refurbishment, renovation and restoration team. This team is comprised of a number of dedicated parishioners who have a good range of skills and experience, see below, for the Project Team and their skillsets and roles.

 Project Team

 Skillset / Role


Fr.Habte Project ManagerFr. Habte

 Sponsor / Project Manager -

(Parish Priest 2013 to Sept 2019, transferred to St. William of York R.C.)

Helen Dias Helen Dias

 Chartered Surveyor and Planner


Matt KempMatt Kemp



Bryan Hudspeth Finance SSJBryan Hudspeth

 Finance Committe Chair and Office Furniture Installation

Ray Poulter Ray Poulter


  Marta RochaMarta Rocha

 Architect (Historic Building Specialist)


Rui TavaresRui Tavares

 Structural Engineer and Contractor


Marc BernardMarc Bernard

 Specialist Contractor & Interior Design - cleaning of wooden ceiling, beams and interior brickwork. And painting the interior of the church.



 Support Team

 Role / Task

 Sophie Dias - Hudspeth

 Architecture Student - Preparation of illustrative photographs and lighting set up display this to help parishioners visualise and select flooring tiles and choose fabric for chairs. Demo on 7th July, after Saturday (evening) Mass and Sunday (morning) mass 8th July, 2018, (before the BBQ).

 Mary McElhone

 Restoration and cleaning of statues and artefacts

The refurbishment, renovation and restoration project team together with Fr. Habte identified some key objectives, goals and aims, for this programme of works, the works or project phases are listed below, there is a dedicated webpage for each of the project phases.

For more information, and details on the ongoing works, please click on the respective refurbishments, restoration and renovations project phases listed below, as items, 1 - 5, where project goals, details on the work and progress updates are provided.

 1. Cleaning the brickwork and the wooden beams and ceilings

 2. Replacing the flooring in the nave and entrance

 3. Re-upholstering the chairs in the church

 4. Improving and updating the lighting in the church

 5. Artefact and statue restoration and cleaning

Naturally some level of disruption is to be expected in our church services during the months of June, July and August 2018, but we will try to minimise that disruption as much possible.

Please be patient and help us, by trying to be as careful as you can, when visiting the church both, during and outside Mass times, and when exiting the premises.

Thank you. Rev. Fr. Habte

Current and ongoing maintenance and repairs:

The internal and external fabric of the church buildings the church hall, together with supporting utilities and general infrastructure (for instance gardens, windows cleaned etc.) all require regular or annual maintenance and the occasional emergency or ad hoc repairs. This work requires funding.

The parish has been fiscally prudent and looks to make savings on expenditure wherever possible. However, the current parish funds, saved over the past few years, while admirable, is limited. This has meant that the present refurbishment, restoration and renovation budget has constrained the current project work to the objectives listed as 1-5, above.

As the parish funds are replenished by our weekly collections and Thank you God/or augmented by donations specifically for the refurbishment programme, other areas that require refurbishment, restoration or renovation will be looked at, the nature of the work identified and most cost-effective options considered by the parish project team.

For example, increased or replenished funds would allow the parish project team to review and consider work that is required to address the exterior aspects of the church buildings, the external facade requires and would benefit from repainting and attention given to any external imperfections, for instance, cleaning the exterior wall closest to the park and front of the priests house, this had succumbed to extensive and pervasive ivy growth (the ivy now has been removed), this has left some damage to the wall in places and marked the surfaces.

Additionally, the roof tiles and gutters need attention and cleaning, some of the gutters are blocked and have grass growing in spots so when it rains drainage is not possible, allowing water to overflow and drip on the walls below. Other areas (the entrance to the church hall, the church wall) have been fouled by pigeon droppings these spots would be reviewed by the project team. This with a view to receiving some form of remediation to prevent pigeons residing on parapets and fouling the walls beneath.

The hall would also benefit from an uplift and modernisation, if funds permitted.

Our long term ambition or aspiration as a parish and as a  community, is to ensure that the entire church ecosytem of buildings and grounds are well managed and maintained and reflects a place worthy of worship and prayer, for our parishioners and community. 

Thank you. Rev. Fr. Habte

Divine Marsy window night

Photograph taken by parishioner (camera iPhone) in the late evening, end of July 2018, following completion of new internal lighting, to showcase the Divine Mercy stained glass, (diocletian) window.

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