Learning New Hymns:

Singing hymns: From October 2019 we introduce ‘Choir lite’ this means that weekday choir (or hymn singing) rehearsals cease as of September 2019. Choir rehearsals will instead take place on Sunday at 9.30 a.m. preceding the 10.30 a.m. mass. Please do join us, all are welcomed.

time notedThere will be occasions when rehearsal on Sunday morning before Mass does not allow enough time to learn new material or hymns. Additionally, learning parts, that is, Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass (SATB) notes would be challenging to master or learn before Mass. Where there is a need or desire to learn new hymns, prepare for liturgical dates or feasts, for instance, Advent – Christmas, Lent-Easter, Ad-hoc sessions will be organised for the entire parish to support and take part in.

To maximise  our learning together a prompt start for 09:30 a.m. rehearsal on Sundays is then essential.

Taizé Learning the songs - check this link - click here  

 The Taizé Community is an ecumenical monastic order that invites people of different Christian faiths to worship together. They are well known for their contemplative hymns in many languages.

 Taize worship

  For Lent listening to this series on YouTube Taizé Top 10  we may sing some of these if requested.

  • Beati voi poveri - (How blessed the poor in heart, for -theirs-is the kingdom of heav-en)
  • Behüte mich Gott - (Keep me, O God, for I trust in you. You show me the path of life. with you there is fullness of joy.)
  • Bleibet hier - (Stay with me, remain here with me, watch - & pray - watch and pray )

  • Nade te Turbe - Nothing Can trouble link Men please click on Tenor and Bass.  Ladies please click on Soprano or Alto.

  • Surrexit Christus - The Lord is risen - alleluia, Sing out and praise the Lord - alleluia

Sing Together

TIP - Taizé - these are best sung without hymn books, in order to sound as one harmonic group.  The trick or joy is to be able to sing and hear yourself with one ear and at the same time hear the person next to you singing with the other ear. We need to 'feel' and meditate with the music and sing with honesty and passion to convey the integrity of the words.

Psalms 104:33 - I will sing unto the LORD as long as I live: I will sing praise to my God while I have my being.

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