John Bell - Workshop 29th October 2017:

On Saturday, 29th October 2017, the Southwark Diocesan Music Committee in conjunction with Rev. John bellthe Network of National Pastoral Musicians (NNPM) invited John Bell to host a workshop titled ‘Songs for the Winter Seasons’. The workshop details can be found on our events page, scroll down to find the entry.

The parish of St Simon and St Jude’s R.C. was represented by eight members of our choir. Additionally, around another 120 other participants attended, these mainly hailing from all over the Diocese of Southwark, but also saw visitors attend from as far as Northamptonshire.

John Bell is a member of the Iona Community, a Presbyterian theologian, music leader, arranger, composer,  a deep thinker who led us through a day where we in equal measure laughed, prayed, and were moved to the core through John’s anecdotes, challenging and comforting song lyrics and the deep compassion and love for Christ and God’sJohn Bell Tamra & Tony creation.

John is a founder of the Wild Goose Resource Group. He is an occasional broadcaster (BBC Radio 4’s ‘Thought for the Day’ slot on the ‘Today’ programme) who lectures and preaches across the globe.

As the workshop title suggests, John guided and led us in a day of liturgical music reflecting on the forthcoming seasons of Remembrance, Advent and Christmastide.


‘Songs for the Winter Season’ was an absolute must for everyone involved with music in liturgy.  The choir is hoping to share some of John’s and the Wild Goose collective’s songs in the upcoming liturgical season that we sang at the workshop.

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An inspirational day, thank you John Bell, - view the events page for more details or visit the contact us page to be kept informed.

This is a tune we learnt and sang at the workshop. Soft falls the Snow. Available from The wild Goose Collective, CD, titled 'The Truth That sets Us Free'. Words and music John L.Bell copyright © 2012 WGRG, Iona Community.  Available from the Iona Community see our useful links page.

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