Gift Aid:


What is Gift Aid? 

Gift Aid was set up by the Government as a way of helping people to give more to UK charities by giving back to the charities the basic rate tax paid on donations by UK taxpayers.

If you are a UK taxpayer and have paid an annual amount of income or capital gains tax at least equal to the amount of tax being reclaimed by a UK charity then you can apply to be a Gift Aid donor by completing a Gift Aid Donor Declaration form.

If you pay higher rate tax you can claim extra relief on your donations. If you claim age-related allowances or Tax Credits, Gift Aid donations can sometimes increase your entitlement.

If you do not pay UK tax, Gift Aid is not available for your donations, but this doesn't prevent you making normal, non-Gift Aid, donations so don't worry!

Gift Aid Form: (Please click on this link to open a Gift Aid form).

Click on the link above to download our Gift Aid Declaration form. Please print this off and complete it and either pop it into the collection at mass or post it to us in an envelope addressed:

Gift Aid
Sts Simon + Jude
5, Hillside Road
London SW2 3HL

After you have completed a Gift Aid Declaration, please put any donations you make in the collection at Mass inside the special Gift Aid envelope - you can find these envelopes on the table to your left on your way into church. Please write your name, the date and the amount of the donation on the envelope. This is what enables us to claim Gift Aid from the Government for your donation.

How does Gift Aid work?

UK charities receive your donation - which is money you've already paid tax on - and then reclaim basic rate tax (at 20%) on its 'gross' equivalent (the amount before tax was deducted) from the Government.

Between 6 April 2008 and 5 April 2011 the charity will also get a Government supplement of 3p on every pound you give.

In practice, this means that if you give £1 to charity using Gift Aid, that gift is worth £1.25 + 3p supplement = £1.28 to the charity.

If you pay higher rate tax, you can claim the difference between the higher rate of tax at 40% and the basic rate of tax at 20% on the total value of your donation to the charity. You can make this claim on your Self Assessment tax return or form P810 Tax Review if HM Revenue & Customs have sent one to you. If you complete a tax return and are due a refund you can ask HM Revenue & Customs to treat all or part of it as a Gift Aid donation.

If you claim the age-related Personal Allowance, age-related Married Couple's Allowance or Tax Credits it's important to HM Revenue & Customs know about your Gift Aid donations. This is because they will subtract the amount you donate plus the basic rate tax from your total income and use the reduced figure to work out the value of your allowances or tax credit. This may have the effect of increasing these allowances or credits if your income was above the relevant 'income limit' that applies. For more information on Gift Aid, please click on this link.

Questions on Gift Aid?

If you would like more information on Gift Aid, please contact Rosaline Ebite or Maria Veerapen, please click here and ask your questions or queries.

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