We thank Francesco Gentilli for the photographs below.

Gallery wide view

Floor stone marker

Stained Glass rear Ggallery

Icon pictiures gallery

Front Doors interior view stained glass

Rear exit staute stained glass

Our Lady statue  baby Jesus

Church altar light

Jesus sacred heart statute

Church braod view lit

Albhorn and stained glass window

StSimonStJude stained glass

Alatr wide daylightplus windows

Hall inaugration stone

Altar  Pulpit

Thomas Moore  Jiohn Fischer

Altar and pulpit

Jesus on cross stained glass

St. Therese Liseux

Altar flowers

Our Lady Immculate Conception stained glass

Our Lady stained Glass

Altar & Pulpit side view

Pulpit side view

stained glass Jesus

Altar central daylight

Central nave altar

Sacred Heart Jesus

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