Chrism Mass - 23rd March 2016:

The Mass of Chrism

For the last few years the Diocese of Southwark has been celebrating  the annual mass of Chrism on the Wednesday before the Tridium, rather than the Maundy Thursday morning.

It is a beautiful and very moving celebration where almost all priests from the whole of the Southwark Diocese firstly renew their priestly commitment, with the bishops and archbishop prociding in a very packed St.George's cathedral.

This is followed by the blessing of oils and consecration Chrism.

Firstly the oil of the Sick, next the Oil of Catechumens and the Oil of Chrism together with the balsam. One by one archbishop mixes the balsam into the oils, prays over and blesses them and breathes over the opening of the vessels to invoke the Holy Spirit.

It is very special to know that throughout the year these holy oils will serve all priest throughout the Diocese for the their sacramental duties dispensed to all of us.

Lydia Chrism Mass 23032016Chrism Mass held at St. George's Cathedral Southwark. Lydia sings the psalm, in the presence of 200 priests , and a full Cathedral ~ so no pressure!

This was a wonderful and as ever well attended mass - here is a memory ofLydia Mum& dad 23032016 Chrism Mass Lydia singing the psalm at the mass.

Psalm 25 - 'Remember your mercies, O Lord' - David Hass.

Apologies the surrounding voices not reflected well in this recording.

Click on the link to listen to the MP3 - Lydia singing.

Psalms 104:33 - I will sing unto the LORD as long as I live: I will sing praise to my God while I have my being.

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