April 2020:

These are the suggested hymns for the month of April  selected from the Southwark Diocese Music Planner. Rehearsals are held in the church on Sunday at 9.30 a.m. before the 10.30 a.m. Mass, we now move to a ‘choir lite’ stage.

The weekday singing rehearsal have ceased, we sing and rehearse on the Sunday before mass. Additional rehearsals will be organised on an ad hoc basis as and when required, for example, to learn new hymns or material or when preparing for special occasions. Please click here to view Choir 'lite'.

Occasionally the hymn numbers may be subject to change.  The final selected hymns are presented on the main web page Hymns.

The hymns below are suggestions and subject to change.

Palm Sunday Jesus enters Jerusalem riding on a donkey

Passion Sunday (Palm Sunday) – 5th April 2020 - Family Mass

Themes / Thoughts: On this day the Church celebrates Christ’s entrance into Jerusalem to accomplish his paschal mystery. Accordingly, the memorial of this event is included in every Mass, with the procession or the solemn entrance before the principal Mass, with the simple entrance before the other Masses. The paradox:  acclaiming Jesus as king, and one week later putting him to death.

Matthew 21:1-11    Isaiah 50:4-7     Psalm 21     Philippians 2:6-11  Matthew 26:14-27:66
Psalm 21:  ''My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?''
LiturgyHymn NumberHymn 1st line
Entrance:   230Ride on, ride on in majesty
Gloria & Alleluia:    ~Suppressed during Lent
Offertory:   321Crown him with many crowns
Sanctus:   1014Holy, Holy, Holy - (Daniel Shutte)
Agnus Dei:   1019Lamb of God - (Daniel Shutte)
Communion:    320Hail Redeemer, King Divine
Recessional:   749The servant King

Triduum motif

Details of Mass times and hymns for the Easter Triduum tbc

The Easter Triduum, the three days that begin on Holy Thursday with the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, celebrates the paschal event, and that newness of life which flows from the crucified, buried and risen Christ.

Easter - modern logo

2nd Sunday of Easter – 19th April 2020

Themes / Thoughts:  Today as we hail Christ as our Lord and God we are filled with the joy of the disciples in seeing the risen Lord. In this season of renewal we are like those early Christians who were filled with a joy so glorious that it cannot be described. Easter joy.  The Resurrection & God's mercy. Faith, Community, Peace / justice.

 Acts 2:42-47     Psalm 117      1 Peter 1:3-9    John 20:19-31
Psalm 117: “Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, for his love has no end.''

LiturgyHymn NumberHymn 1st line
Entrance: 270 / 281Christ is alive with joy we sing /Easter Alleluia!
Gloria & Alleluia:   1013Glory to God (Daniel Shutte)
Offertory:   269At the Lamb's high feast
Sanctus:   1014Holy, Holy, Holy - (Daniel Shutte)
Agnus Dei:   1019Lamb of God - (Daniel Shutte)
Communion:   883aChrist be our Light (Easter verses)
Recessional:   471Jubilate everybody

Easter 3rd sunday

3rd Sunday of Easter (A) – 26th April 2020

Themes / Thoughts: Christ has made known to us the true way of life and ransomed us from the useless way of life handed down to us. He is with us today in the breaking of the bread. The person of Christ who is our guide and pathway.  Resurrection & Faith. Recognising Jesus in the breaking of bread, the  Eucharist.

Readings:  Acts 2:14.22-33      Psalm 15     1 Peter 1:17-21     Luke 24:13-35
Psalm 15: “Show us Lord the path of life.''
LiturgyHymn NumberHymn 1st line
Entrance:   268Alleluia, Alleluia give thanks to the risen Lord
Gloria & Alleluia:   1013Glory to God (Daniel Shutte)
Offertory:   286This joyful Eastertide
Sanctus:   1014Holy, Holy, Holy - (Daniel Shutte)
Agnus Dei:   1019Lamb of God - (Daniel Shutte)
Communion:   278Now the green blade riseth
Recessional:   787Sing it in the valleys

Easter Changes Everything

Psalms 104:33 - I will sing unto the LORD as long as I live: I will sing praise to my God while I have my being

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