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Nov 2018:

These are the suggested hymns for the month of November, selected from the Southwark Diocese Music Planner. We will rehearse on Mondays and depending on rehearsals and availability of musicians will choose the repertoire therefore the hymn numbers may be subject to change. 

Thus the finally selected hymns will appear on the main web page Hymns. Updates of the final version will be posted 24 hours after the Monday rehearsal. 

The hymns below are suggestions and subject to change.

All Saints' Day

All Saints – Thursday 1st November 2018

Today we offer the Lamb and celebrate the victory of our God in the company of all the redeemed in the heavenly kingdom.

Readings: Apocalypse 7:2-4, 9-14   Psalm 23   1  John 3:1-3   Matthew 5:1-12
Psalm 23: Such are the men who seek your face, O Lord. 

Liturgy:                    Hymn NumberHymn 1st line
Entrance:371For all the saints
Gloria:1013Glory to God - (Dan Schutte)
Offertory:597Blest are they
Sanctus:1014Holy, Holy, Holy - (Dan Schutte)
Agnus Dei:1019Lamb of God - (Dan Schutte)
Communion:817We are the light of the world
Recessional:387 / 676For all the saints who showed your love / Now the day has drawn to ending

The Gospel of Mark

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time (B) – 4th November 2018

Through, with, and in Christ we offer the sacrifice of the new covenant which gives perfect glory to the father and enables us to give him a fitting return of love.

Readings: Deuteronomy 6:2-6  Psalm 17:2-4   Hebrews 7:23-28   Mark 12:28-34
Psalm 17: I love you, Lord, my strength.
Hymn NumberHymn 1st line
Entrance:       462Gather your people
Gloria:       1013Glory to God - (Dan Schutte)
Offertory:       924Where charity and love prevail
Sanctus:       1014Holy, Holy, Holy - (Dan Schutte)
Agnus Dei:       1019Lamb of God - (Dan Schutte)
Communion:       919Not for tongues of heaven's angels
Recessional:       803 / 794Love is his word / God is love his the care

32nd Sunday Ordinary Time

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (B) – 11th November 2018

We must not be afraid to give, for Christ gave himself completely and will reward with salvation all those who are waiting for him.

Readings:  1 Kings 17:10-16   Psalm 145   Hebrews 9:24-28    Mark 12:38-44
Psalm 145: My soul, give praise to the Lord.
Hymn NumberHymn 1st line
Entrance:       459All my hope on God is founded
Gloria:       1013 Glory to God - (Dan Schutte)
Offertory:       597 / 817Blest are they / Blessed are your poor
Sanctus:       1014 Holy, Holy, Holy - (Dan Schutte)
Agnus Dei:       1019Lamb of God - (Dan Schutte)
Communion:       849God forgave my sin
Recessional:       966 / 873Walk with me, O my Lord / Come, Lord Jesus come

PSALM 15 - Preserve me God I take refuge in you

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (B) – 18th November 2018

We celebrate today the final consummation at the end of time. Each Mass continues Christ’s redemptive work in the world and brings us nearer to the final Mass when that work of sanctification will be complete.

Readings: Daniel 12:1-3    Psalm 15    Hebrews 10:11-14,18     Mark 13: 24-32
Psalm 15: Preserve me, God, I take refuge in you.
Liturgy                   Hymn NumberHymn 1st line
Entrance:90 or /
When the King shall come again or /
Love divine love excelling
Gloria:1013 Glory to God - (Dan Schutte)
Offertory:982O Jesus Christ, remember 
Sanctus:1014Holy, Holy, Holy - (Dan Schutte)
Agnus Dei:1019Lamb of God - (Dan Schutte)
Communion:423 & / or
Centre of my life  and / or
Wait for the Lord (
Recessional:785 or
Though the mountains may fall or
Love divine love excelling

Christ the King King of Peace

Christ the King (B) – Sunday 25th November 2018

Today we celebrate Christ the universal King. He did not claim to be only the king of the Jews. His kingdom was not to be an exclusive one. He is king of all who are on the side of truth and listen to his voice.

Readings: Daniel 7: 13-14   Psalm 92    Apocalypse 1:5-8     John 18: 33-37
Psalm 92: The Lord is king, with majesty enrobed.

Liturgy                 Hymn NumberHymn 1st line
Entrance:320Hail redeemer, King divine
Gloria:532 Glory to God - (Marty Haugen - Storrington)
Offertory:318At this great feast of love
Sanctus:584Holy, Holy, Holy - (Marty Haugen - Storrington)
Agnus Dei:590Lamb of God - (M. HaugenStorrington)
Communion:720 /
See 322- 325
Be still for the presence of the Lord / See 322 - 325 suitable hymn may be selected
Recessional:321Crown him with many crowns

Dear God Quotes

Psalms 104:33 - I will sing unto the LORD as long as I live: I will sing praise to my God while I have my being. 

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