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Our parish newsletter contains liturgical details for the weekend Masses, the mass intentions for the week, news about parish events, parish groups and parishioners, information about parish business and rotas.

To submit contributions to the newsletter, please email via the contact page here.

If you do not want your details to appear on the newsletter available on the site then please contact the Parish Office here to submit your request please.

Please click on the links below to download a newsletter (please use the live links within the newsletters to allow access to the website)

  • May 2019

 Newsletter - Sunday 26th May 2019 (6th Sunday of Easter)

 Newsletter - Sunday 19th May 2019 (5th Sunday of Easter)

 Newsletter - Sunday 12th May 2019 (4th Sunday of Easter)

 Newsletter - Sunday 05th May 2019 (3rd Sunday of Easter)

  • April 2019

 Newsletter - Sunday 28th April 2019 (2nd Sunday of Easter)

 Newsletter - Sunday 21st April 2019 (Easter Sunday)

 Newsletter - Sunday 14th April 2019 (Palm Sunday of Lord's Passion)

 Newsletter - Sunday 07th April 2019 (5th week of Lent)

  • March 2019

 Newsletter - Sunday 31st March 2019 (4th week of Lent)

 Newsletter - Sunday 24th March 2019 (3rd week of Lent)

 Newsletter - Sunday 17th March 2019 (2nd week of Lent) 

 Newsletter - Sunday 10th March 2019 (1st week of Lent)

 Newsletter - Sunday 03rd March 2019

  • February 2019

 Newsletter - Sunday 24th February 2019

 Newsletter - Sunday 17th February 2019 

 Newsletter - Sunday 10th February 2019 

 Newsletter - Sunday 03rd February 2019

  • January 2019

 Newsletter - Sunday 27th January 2019

 Newsletter - Sunday 20th January 2019 (Peace Sun, Christian Unity Week)

 Newsletter - Sunday 13th January 2019 (Baptism of the Lord)

 Newsletter - Sunday 06th January 2019

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